Friday, November 25, 2011

Mason Ironstone plates made late 1800 in England

I bought  cobalt crystal stemware  from Julia factory -Europe  for my Mason Ironstone plates.My husbands mom received that set as wedding gift in 1942 from Riches Jewelery store in Atlanta.I have huge soup Tureen , platters ,18 dinner plates.I had them now for 20 years and wanted to use them -tried for Thanksgiving but size of 9 inches will be more for lunch.I found charges in Home Goods in Vero Beach and thought it will work well with cobalt stemware. Tablecloth is from Yves De Lorme-Lydias store it has rust- Fuchsia and I fell in love with it.Mason plates have same colors..Salad plates are old 1930 ties plates in light pink.

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