Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving in Fuchsia

I started with something else and ended up with a suprise. My Yves De lorme tablecloth Comedia pattern just arrived. The blue European crystal glasses from Julia crystal factory were saved for another event, but the orange in tablecloth would makes me think Thanksgiving so I started to put things together. Main plates are Talavera from Mexico custom ordered 20 years ago so I put them with crystal.


  1. Hello Margret!
    Happy Thanksgiving we just got home from a full day of feasting and fellowship!!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday too :)
    Love your pretty plates from Mexico...!!

    Enjoy your evening..
    I am putting my walking shoes on for a walk around the park :)

    Kay Ellem

  2. What a delightful combination! Hope you are enjoying the long holiday weekend...