Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, December 9, 2011

Birds-Burlap and Christmas

This  Christmas we are going away so I did not want to do much .My birds stayed from the Fall plus I really like them and did not want to part with them -I have added red ribbon ,added burlap runner I got at Lydis store, bought red runner on - they are $6 and add a lot of color and it feels like Christmas.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The 43 Annual Tour of Homes in St Augustine

Amazing Topiaries  filled with fruit,basket and grapefruits, magnolia leaves pressed ??made into a runner .

The 43 Annual Tour of Homes in St Augustine

We all loved the tree made out of magnolia leaves on the wall .Leaves  were glued or pinned to cardboard -I thought it looked fantastic.Simple -natural-all kind wreaths -Tangarine garland .

The 43 Annual Tour of Homes in St Augustine

My Favorite home on St George street-dating back to 1659.Simple greenery on the fireplace  mantle with pine cones and ribbon.Kitchen and  artichoke ,table with simple candles and magnolia leaves- look at the leaf  luster.I wonder if the clean leaves  with something ???they are so shiny ..

The 43 Annual Tour of Homes in St Augustine

This was the funniest thing  I saw --Santa Tree house -tiny door and windows on the bottom of the tree.Door changes with the season.

Below - beautiful hunting wagon with fox .

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lavender Day for all

Lavender Day for all -Cocoa Village -quaint dogs friendly gathering place and Fashion for all.My friend Celeste with her dog Great Dane Natieri  -Lavender bandena on Natieri -lavender nail polish -lavender shirt for mom .

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mason Ironstone plates made late 1800 in England

Mason Plates- soup Tureen is very large ..I can not imagine it in the middle of the table ???Dinner plates are small size - does anybody know more about Mason Ironstone ?I have seen few pieces on the flee market .They date to late 1800 -main color is powdered blue and cobalt - rust -pink.

Mason Ironstone plates made late 1800 in England

I bought  cobalt crystal stemware  from Julia factory -Europe  for my Mason Ironstone plates.My husbands mom received that set as wedding gift in 1942 from Riches Jewelery store in Atlanta.I have huge soup Tureen , platters ,18 dinner plates.I had them now for 20 years and wanted to use them -tried for Thanksgiving but size of 9 inches will be more for lunch.I found charges in Home Goods in Vero Beach and thought it will work well with cobalt stemware. Tablecloth is from Yves De Lorme-Lydias store it has rust- Fuchsia and I fell in love with it.Mason plates have same colors..Salad plates are old 1930 ties plates in light pink.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving in Fuchsia

I started with something else and ended up with a suprise. My Yves De lorme tablecloth Comedia pattern just arrived. The blue European crystal glasses from Julia crystal factory were saved for another event, but the orange in tablecloth would makes me think Thanksgiving so I started to put things together. Main plates are Talavera from Mexico custom ordered 20 years ago so I put them with crystal.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dale - the Hostess

For the Fall -Dale has brought full size tree branches 10 feet tall in her Jaguar -they went from the car to 10 th floor -got attached to columns -added birds-lights and leaves.

Dale- The Hostess

Dale loves to serve Champagne- greeting guest with Champagne flute

Fabulous Dale - The hostess

Dream setting with panoramic view from 6000 sq feet Penthouse -Indian River -almost ocean view.Dale lives in largest condo built in Brevard County -6000 sq feet -private elevator entry.